F*** My Life

20 February 2009 | Κανένα σχόλιο

Αν η ζωή σου δεν είναι όπως θα την ήθελες, αν τραβάς ζόρια, μπες στο fmylife.com για να γελάσει λίγο το χειλάκι. Αληθινές (υποτίθεται) καθημερινές καταστάσεις που αποσκοπούν να σε κάνουν να σκεφτείς "υπάρχουν και χειρότερα". Παραδείγματα:

Today, I woke up in a girls bed, that I have had a crush on for two years. She was sleeping on the floor with someone else. FML
Today, I was marked absent from my math class because nobody in my class noticed I was there. FML
Today, I had a great workout and was feeling really good about my body. Until I sat on my desk, and broke it. FML
Today, I kneeled down to tie my shoe and sneezed, nailing my face off of my knee and breaking my nose. FML
Today, I went out to dinner with my family. I was given a kids menu when the hostess sat us down. I'm 24. FML



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