Badass Of The Week: Βασίλης Παλαιοκώστας

Ένα πολύ αστείο αμερικάνικο site αφιερωμένο στους "άγριους-με-την-καλή-έννοια" τύπους γράφει διθύραμβο για τον Έλληνα δραπέτη. Οι ανακρίβειες και η μπουρδολογία πάνε σύννεφο, αλλά έχει πλάκα:

What do you get when you cross Jesse James, Robin Hood, and Jack Bauer in the body of a giant, bearded, bald Greek man?
Meet Vassilis Paleokostas:

Οver the years, Korydallos Prison has gained a reputation as being one of the harshest and most brutal prisons in Greece. This place is like a mix between Andersonville, Oz, and that stupid plastic box they keep Magneto inside in the X-Men movies. The warden is a hardass son-of-a-bitch, the guards don't give a shit, and people that go inside the facility never come out. Εxcept Vassilis Paleokostas.

Greek police opened fire on the chopper as it flew off, but a woman returned fire with an AK-47 assault rifle. Now having hot Greek babes with automatic weapons come save your ass from prison isn't the sort of thing that happens to normal people every day, but that's just how things work out for you when you're a badass like Vassilis Paleokostas.

Διάβασε μια γνώμη λιγότερο ενθουσιώδη εδώ.

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