H Nορβηγία Δεν Καταλαβαίνει Από Οικονομική Κρίση

19 May 2009 | 2 σχόλια

Τα οικονομικά μιας χώρας δεν είναι μόνο θέμα φυσικών πόρων (ΟΚ, αυτοί έχουν πετρέλαιο). Είναι κυρίως θέμα νοοτροπίας του λαού. Η Νορβηγία έχει μηδενικό χρέος και επενδύει τα έσοδα απ' το πετρέλαιο σε ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα επενδυτικά funds του κόσμου. Γράφουν οι New York Times:

With a quirky contrariness as deeply etched in the national character as the fjords carved into its rugged landscape, Norway has thrived by going its own way. When others splurged, it saved. When others sought to limit the role of government, Norway strengthened its cradle-to-grave welfare state.

And in the midst of the worst global downturn since the Depression, Norway’s economy grew last year by just under 3 percent. The government enjoys a budget surplus of 11 percent and its ledger is entirely free of debt.


Instead of spending its riches lavishly, it passed legislation ensuring that oil revenue went straight into its sovereign wealth fund, state money that is used to make investments around the world. Now its sovereign wealth fund is close to being the largest in the world, despite losing 23 percent last year because of investments that declined.

“The U.S. and the U.K. have no sense of guilt,” said Anders Aslund, an expert on Scandinavia at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington. “But in Norway, there is instead a sense of virtue. If you are given a lot, you have a responsibility.”

Eirik Wekre, an economist who writes thrillers in his spare time, describes Norwegians’ feelings about debt this way: “We cannot spend this money now; it would be stealing from future generations.”

Ακριβώς το αντίθετο από τους Ελληνάρες, δηλαδή.

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