Timelapse: Η Γη Από Το Διάστημα

08 September 2010 | 1 σχόλιο

Να ένα φανταστικό βίντεο που τράβηξε ο αστροναύτης Ντον Πετιτ από το Διεθνή Διαστημικό Σταθμό.
Out of all his footage, Pettit says this video, encompassing a sunset, a moonrise and the northern lights, is one of his favorites. The camera took one image every 15 seconds, so this 38-second video captures about 9 and a half minutes of real time. Because the space station and its crew orbit Earth once every 90 minutes, they see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day.
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