Instapaper This: Οι Αληθινοί Σούπερ Ήρωες Του Σιάτλ

20 December 2010 | Κανένα σχόλιο

Doe is the electrical expert, a skill he demonstrates by producing a disposable Kodak camera he has fashioned into a taser. He is also uncannily good at guessing what time it is without looking at a watch. The three are a goofy group of adolescents, each having overcome a different vice on their road to superhero-dom. Jones is a former gambling addict. Buster Doe has done more than his fair share of all manner of drugs. D-Day used to drink too much alcohol, though today his drug of choice is NyQuil. He's recovering from a bad cold.

As his sidekicks suit up, Jones spreads out his costume on his mom's dining room table. It is made of chicken wire and neoprene, and was donated to Jones by a fan. Once Jones affixes a small headlamp to the cowl, he's "super'ed up," so we pile back into the Kia, the three superheroes passing a bag of Chex Mix, a Justin Bieber song playing on a mix CD in the stereo.

Από ένα ωραιότατο περιοδικίστικο μεγάλο ρεπορτάζ που δημοσιεύτηκε στο Daily Beast, όχι σε κάποιο έντυπο. Λέω εγώ τώρα.

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